The Farm

“We should all be farmers.” – Masanobu Fukuoaka

We are happy you stumbled upon our website. If you happen to live in Mission chances are you have probably seen us around, most likely at the Mission Farmers Market where we have been selling our vegetables on & off for the past 4 years. People usually approach us with quizzical eyes (for example when we sold the Japanese Hakurei turnips) because they are bound to encounter something in our stand they have never seen, or heard of. However; the same people usually return with big smiles and many compliments the following week exclaiming they have found their new favourite vegetable. We have had the chance to meet many very interesting people, make some great connections and pick up a good number of committed customers at the market. If you can’t find us at the market on the weekend don’t panic, you are more than welcome to give us a call to buy vegetables directly from us, or you could even sign up for our seasonal vegetable box which would ensure you don’t go without our delicious, fresh vegetables for longer than a week!

You heard that right! We run our very own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program) which serves as the main outlet for selling our vegetables. If you are from Mission, Abbotsford, or Maple Ridge, even Vancouver (we have some dedicated members!) you are only a short-ish drive away from picking up your own box of fresh weekly vegetables, which also happen to be certified ORGANIC! We wouldn’t grow or sell anything we would not eat ourselves. Our goal is actually to achieve a diet mostly based on what we grow. Being a member comes with many perks: (1) Eating in season. You are guaranteed to receive the full nutritional benefits of the vegetables and herbs freshly harvested from the field. Not to mention the flavour. We can’t even begin to compare the difference in taste between a freshly picked ripe tomato still warm from the summer sun versus a winter hothouse tomato that’s barely red, somewhat mealy, and lacking in flavour. Foods that are chilled and shipped lose flavour at every step of the way. (2) Eating organically grown food. (3) Knowing your farmer and being able to ask questions and hang out at the farm. (4) Saves you the headache of trying to decide what to cook. When you receive a certain set of vegetables it becomes much easier to come up with something. Plus, we include multiple recipes in each weekly newsletter. (5) You become part of a community that cares about where its food comes from while supporting the local economy. Do you need more reasons?…We have a lot more, but perhaps this could be enough to convince you.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Ghandi

If you think you are ready to be that change, you can sign up for your membership here. If you are not ready for the commitment just yet, we look forward to selling you veggies directly here and there, or at the Market.