CSA Boxes

Our Veggie Boxes allow our members to eat locally grown, fresh, seasonal produce. The average North American meal travels 2,400 kms to get from farm to plate and contains ingredients from a number of other countries in addition to our own. By choosing to eat locally grown foods whenever possible, you help the environment, the farmer and the local economy.

By eating in season you are guaranteed to receive the full nutritional benefits of the vegetables and herbs freshly harvested from the field. Not to mention the flavour. We can’t even begin to compare the difference in taste between a freshly picked ripe tomato still warm from the summer sun versus a winter hothouse tomato that’s barely red, somewhat mealy, and lacking in flavour. Foods that are chilled and shipped lose flavour at every step of the way.

Eating in season is also a great challenge to get creative in the kitchen. If you enjoy cooking, it can be truly inspiring to create something beautiful and tasty with the varying veggies from each box. Every box will bring you something new to cook with.

If you choose to purchase the full season membership and decide to go away for a couple of weeks last minute, it would be the perfect time to share your box with a friend/family member. You could also donate your box to those in need (we would be happy to arrange that).